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Free Towing Service


In South Florida

 Claim $500 Off Your Repairs And Free Towing


Why do you ask? Well, that's easy, it's because we care. We give free towing to help you get back on track faster. After an auto accident, there comes a lot of confusion and frustration and unexpected expenses. So we decided to help out if you've been involved in an auto accident we will tow your car from the scene or wherever your vehicle may be.

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How Can You Get Free Towing?

Free Towing for car accident victims.

On average there are about 650 car accidents a day in Florida and most of the times people are unprepared for the aftermath. To help lighten the blow we provide free towing to all car accidents victims.

We can drive to you at the scene of the accident or if you've already managed to get yourself home you can give us a call and schedule a pickup for car and we'll also provide you with a discount on your deductible.

Involved in a car but can't reach a body shop? Schedule Free Towing pickup now. Set your availability and we will confirm with you and pick it up free of charge.
Free Towing
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